Tax Law

Tax Law

Whether for tax planning, negotiating the settlement of files with tax authorities or, in the context of litigation and representation in court, our tax law experts offer you a full range of services.

Tax Planning

Our expertise relates to the tax aspects of business start-up and financing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, commercial transactions and estate planning. Our labour and employment law experts have in-depth knowledge of tax planning in the context of the termination of employment.

In addition to advising you on a corporate structure that fits your reality, our lawyers will offer you solutions that optimize your expenses in order to reduce costs.

Tax Litigation

Our expertise in tax litigation is diverse, whether in the areas of consumer taxes, corporation income tax or personal income tax. More specifically, our tax law team can advise you in the event of disputes with the tax authorities:

For a voluntary disclosure;

For audits;

Following the receipt of a notice of assessment;

For the drafting of a notice of objection;

To make representations before the courts, either in front of the Court of Quebec or before the Tax Court of Canada, at trial or on appeal, before the Federal Court of Appeal or before the Court of Appeal of Quebec; and

  • As part of settlement negotiations with Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency 

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