Family Law

Any separation is subject to challenges and sensitivity, often proving to be quite difficult. Hence why our team takes it upon itself to facilitate your transition and answer all your questions. Always ready to advise and guide you, our professionals rely on a strong experience in family law.

We offer all services relating to family and matrimonial law such as mediation services, marriage annulment, separation and divorce procedures, at all stages of the process. We are also able to assist you in the context of negotiations leading to an out-of-court settlement.

When required, interim or provisional procedures will be instituted for emergency childcare or support situations. Sometimes, procedures to annul or change orders are required. For complex issues relating to child custody or the division of the family patrimony, we have access to a network of experts with specific knowledge of child welfare and to accountants.

We can represent children in court. We can act regarding applications for confirmation or contestation of parental authority, actions in acknowledgment of paternity or a marriage contract.

If you need safe in reliable hands to guide you through this process, we will be right here to assist you.