Cyber security, privacy and the protection of personal information

The protection of personal information and cybersecurity in general are increasingly important issues for Quebec businesses. Our lawyers have the experience and expertise in privacy, personal information protection and legal crisis management services to help you manoeuvre these ever-evolving waters.

Our team will be able to assist you in identifying and implementing legal and regulatory requirements for the protection of personal information and to assist you in crisis management in terms of cyber security. We can advise you on the governance of companies about personal information and how to ensure its protection by:

  • Establishing and implementing policies and practices surrounding corporate governance with regards to personal information and the protection of such information
  • Managing incidents affecting the confidentiality of personal information held by companies and put in place response plans in the event of an incident affecting confidentiality
  • Planning the applicable framework for the retention and the destruction of personal information
  • Implementing a complaint-handling process relating to the protection of personal information
  • Writing and revising a privacy policy in clear and simple terms
  • Managing IT security crises and cyber security breaches

Our team is here for you, whatever your business needs.