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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our office has taken the necessary precautions to protect our clients, staff and lawyers. We want you to know that our law firm is fully operational and, as always, ready to serve your legal needs.

If you need to contact any of our lawyers, they will respond to you accordingly. If your matter is urgent or time sensitive, we ask that you contact (by phone or text) any one of our three management partners on their cell phones:

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We thank you for your continued patronage and trust you and your family will stay safe and healthy.

Recovery and Enforcement of Securities

Recovery and Enforcement of Securities

When working with our firm, no effort is spared. Our solid expertise in debt collection is proof of this. Whether through mortgage or personal actions, your case is our priority.

We assist our clients from beginning to whether in front of the courts or during settlement negotiations. Need to draft a contract to obtain appropriate security such as a transaction, a bond, a mortgage or any other related element? Our experts can help you.

We also regularly act before the courts to enforce the security obtained by our clients. Therefore, we have developed expertise with regard to immovable and movable foreclosures, seizures before judgment, executions, as well as all applicable hypothecary recourses, such as sales under judicial order, taking payment, etc.

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